Cologne, Germany - December 2017

The Opportunity

A leading importer of British food and drink products are looking to launch up to 30 new products into the German market. As a manufacturer of quality UK produce, you could be selling your goods into Germany just in time for the festive season.

An exclusive international store promotion opportunity has been arranged through a partnership between the Great British Food Programme and the Cologne based distributor – The Tasty Pasty Company.

Tasty Pasty are looking to source quality British produce that caters for Germany’s diverse population, and a country’s cuisine that is in a process of constant transformation. Initial orders will be placed on a trial basis, but Tasty Pasty are looking to develop strong relationships with successful products to help enhance their image and grow demand across supermarket chains and other retailers into 2018.

The Buyer

Tasty Pasty, headed up by Daniel Geal, specialises in the import and distribution of British food and drink produce into the German market. Having successfully imported over 100,000 Cornish pasties since launch back in 2014, the company has now successfully moved into promoting a wider range of quality British brands.

Tasty Pasty’s first major activity in the wider market was to arrange several British brands participation in a 400+ region wide store promotion with REWE, a leading retailer in the German market.

Store Promotion Launch Date

December 2017 – Cologne, Germany

Your product must be made available for collection on or before 30 November 2017.


This opportunity is FREE of charge for South West of England food and drink producers who are approved to take part in the promotion.

  • Tasty Pasty will be purchasing a trial/sample order from the UK supplier.
  • Shipping and logistical costs and arrangements to be covered by the Great British Food Programme.
  • Labelling costs and requirements to be covered by the importer.

How to Apply

If you’re interested in taking part in this international store promotion, simply fill out the contact form below and our food and drink specialist will be in touch to discuss eligibility and next steps.