Boost Your Food & Drink Exports with Business West’s Expertise

Business West offers world-class international trade services through a dedicated team of 21 specialists. Ensuring your food and drink shipments have the correct customs documentation and licences is crucial to avoid costly penalties and delays.

Business West is a certified B Corp dedicated to fostering long-term prosperity for businesses in our region and the UK. We help companies grow, innovate, and export, connecting people, public bodies, and private companies to create a more productive and inclusive business landscape. As a key player in the British Chamber of Commerce, we represent thousands of businesses across the UK and connect exporters to nearly 40 markets worldwide.

Our not-for-profit organisation offers world-class international trade services through a dedicated team of 21 specialists. Here’s how we can support your business:

International Trade Documentation Service

Ensuring your shipments have the correct customs documentation is crucial to avoid costly penalties and delays. Our team handles all necessary customs documents, including Certificates of Origins, EUR1s, GMRs, and Shipping Notes, cutting through jargon and simplifying the process. Learn more.

ATA Carnets

For businesses needing to temporarily move goods overseas, for example, to an exhibition or trade show, an ATA Carnet, known as a ‘passport for goods,’ allows you to export items into participating countries without paying duties or taxes. Our experts ensure your ATA Carnet is fully compliant, preventing border delays. Discover the benefits.

Customs Declarations

Customs Declarations are essential for communicating the origin and tariff of products, calculating duties, and understanding restrictions, particularly important for the food and drinks industry. Our brokerage service, ChamberCustoms, ensures accurate and timely customs clearance, helping your business avoid costly mistakes. Find out more.

International Trade and Customs Training Courses

Upskill your team with our training courses, providing the technical and operational knowledge needed to navigate importing, exporting, and customs regulations, ensuring compliance and supporting global business growth. Explore our courses.

International Trade Consultancy

Our experienced trade consultants offer bespoke advice tailored to your business needs. Proper compliance can help you avoid fines and border delays, reduce overheads, and qualify for special procedures that offer competitive advantages. Get personalised advice.

International Insight Newsletter

Stay informed with our quarterly newsletter, providing the latest updates on regulations, expert guidance, news, free resources, events, and more. Sign up for International Insight.

Partner with Business West to elevate your food and drink exports and navigate the complexities of international trade with confidence.