The British Pantry - Ireland

International brand exposure for your specialised produce.

The Great British Food Programme is proud to support the efforts of colleagues around the world in sourcing the best of British and Northern Irish produce for use within their network of British embassies, consulates and residences.

This British Pantry – Ireland initiative is a great way for UK producers to gain brand exposure in Ireland by having their high-quality products selected and consumed by staff and guests attending exclusive in-market reception events and business meetings.

How it works

Overseas Trade Officers and British embassy officials regularly use the online directory to search for British food and drink products that are readily available in their respective markets, compiling and saving lists of their favourite UK brands.

International colleagues liaise with the Great British Food Programme team in order to select and contact relevant UK producers, and to help identify where in market they can source their favourite British products.

How to get involved

UK Producers: Create a profile and join The British Pantry - Ireland initiative

As a UK producer, you must first register your company information in order to create and list a profile on our online directory. 

Once registered, you’ll be able to view and join The British Pantry – Ireland listed under the initiatives section of the website. But please remember, your products must be readily available in-market before you request to join. The initiative is particularly keen to work with specialised and artisan produce.

To help ensure that The British Pantry – Ireland initiative runs as smoothly as possible it is highly recommended that you always keep your international stockists information up-to-date.

When registering on the platform, please do select all of your active export markets as this information can also be used by our overseas colleagues for prospecting purposes. 

Register as a UK Producer

Trade Officers: Register for an account and select your favourite UK brands

As a DIT Trade Officer or British embassy official, please register for a Trade Officer account and start browsing the online directory today. 

Once your account has been approved you will have the ability to view and interact with all UK Producers that have joined The British Pantry - Ireland initiative. You can even start compiling and saving lists of your favourite UK brands. 

You will also be able to use the platform's direct messaging portal to initiate private conversations with any pre-identified UK producers. Or, alternatively you can get in touch with any UK producer via the Great British Food Programme team.

Register as a Trade Officer


Please Note: The Great British Food Programme has been set up to support UK registered companies that manufacture or produce food and drink products. Upon registration, all producer accounts need to be approved before they are able to access the platform to start building their profile. This approval process helps to ensure the quality and credibility of the network.