Why Join?

The fast and free way to connect with quality UK producers and trusted international buyers

The overseas demand for high quality UK food and drink produce is on the rise and the good news is, we are here to help facilitate these exciting sales opportunities.

To put it simply, the Great British Food Programme connects pre-qualified UK food and drink producers with a host of trusted international buyers, agents and distributors who are hungry to buy quality British produce.

How we can help you

Our goal is to streamline the international sales and purchasing process for the global food and drink sector. With a revolutionary and unrivalled online directory platform, we put the very best British brands at the fingertips of international buyers.

By joining the programme you will save time and money when selling to overseas markets or when adding new UK brands to your product offerings.

UK Sellers

Welcome to the best way to showcase your top products to international buyers, agents and distributors.

Raise your profile

By listing your business for free on our online directory, your profile will be regularly viewed by 100's of trusted food and drink buyers who are looking to introduce new products to their markets.

Attend exclusive events

Gain exclusive access to several annual meet the buyer events, overseas store promotions and international market visits. 

Direct access to buyers

Discuss potential sales opportunities with trusted international buyers via the platform's direct messaging portal.

Enhance your export knowledge

Connect with advisers and trade officers from the Department for International Trade to develop your export strategy and overcome market entry barriers.

Register as a producer

Am I Eligible?

The Great British Food Programme has been set up to support UK registered companies that manufacture or produce food and drink products. Upon registration, all producer accounts need to be approved before they are able to access the platform to start building their profile. This approval process helps to ensure the quality and credibility of the network.

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International Buyers & Trade Officers

Your one-stop shop for sourcing and connecting with pre-qualified UK brands capable of fulfilling export orders.

Browse the Best of British

Search the vast online database to find suitable UK sellers for your target product categories. Use the filters to identify export market interest and UK location.

Start conversations with sellers

Use the platform's direct messaging portal to initiate private conversations with your pre-identified prospects.

Save your favourite brands

Comile lists of your favourite UK brands and save them to your buyer profile.

Register as a buyer

Register as a trade officer

Am I Eligible?

The Great British Food Programme is interested in working with buyers, agents, distributors and trade officers who are serious about sourcing UK produce. Upon registration, all buyer and trade officer accounts need to be approved before they are able to access the platform and connect with producers. This approval process helps to ensure the quality and credibility of the network.

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