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Mak Tok (which stands for grandmother in Malay) is a Sheffield-based company founded by Will in May 2017. At Mak Tok, we make some of the best Malaysian artisan condiments in the UK using only the finest locally and globally sourced natural ingredients.

Our story started when Will was missing his mum’s cooking back in his university days. He then nicked her recipe to recreate her signature chilli paste but couldn’t get the same taste initially! A kind granny known as Mak Tok heard his cry and immediately posted this secret ingredient all the way from Malaysia. Just when Will was about to start his entrepreneurial journey, Mak Tok passed away. To commemorate her, Will named his little company Mak Tok.

We're a brand built on a story and we focus on food as force for good, inspiring people to create bold, authentic flavours from their own home. We aim to increase knowledge of Malaysian cuisine worldwide and provide people with innovative flavours as we believe meal times to be a time to express yourself and bring people together. Food thrives on creativity and should be fun for everyone!

In this journey, we’ve won several awards and met wonderful people along the way. From our humble home kitchen, we now make our products in a BRC accredited facility. Our aim at Mak Tok has always been to bring friends and family together through good food. With you on our side, let’s bring Mak Tok into every kitchen and every heart across the world!




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Market Information

Active Export Markets (Europe)

  • France

Active Export Markets (Rest of the world)

  • Hong Kong
  • New Zealand

Target Export Markets (Europe)

  • Belgium
  • Czech Republic
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Switzerland

Target Export Markets (Rest of the world)

  • Australia
  • Japan
  • Singapore
  • UAE
  • United States